mercoledì, febbraio 15

Governatore, rifiuti l'invito...

Altre opinioni sull'invito a Schwarzenegger e un sondaggio nettamente contrario su
Al Governatore Schwarzenegger è stata inviata la seguente email dal suo sito ufficiale:

Mr. Schwarzenegger,
regarding the possibility of an invitation for You to "Sanremo Song Festival" in Italy, invitation probably sent You in recent days by RAI, the Italian public TV service, please consider that actually there is a deep debate on this topic and more than half of Italians actually do not agree with it, as well Amnesty International does not, because of Your support to death penalty that Italy (government and people) strongly refuses.
Please, refrain from accept this invitation if You don't want to create a trouble in Italy and face directly a strong loss of support to American politics as well to Your popularity here.
Thanks for Your kind understanding this delicate situation.


Inviate anche voi la email al Governatore per chiedergli di rifiutare l'invito.
Intanto prosegue la richiesta via email alla RAI per un invito a Beppe Grillo.